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Diablo Immortal Shop is a place where you can enhance your Diablo Immortal experience with power leveling, boosting, items, gems and more.

We are offering our services for the new mobile game developed by Blizzard. You can find more information by clicking on the services that you need.


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Diablo Immortal Shop

Diablo Immortal Shop or Store offer services for the new mobile game. Once you found what you are looking for go to our partner site and make the purchase. No cheats or hacks are used.

Eternal Orbs & Platinum

And of course eternal orbs, which are the main currency inside of Diablo immortal. That is how you spend money. That is how you buy stuff with these eternal orbs. But we’re gonna quickly go into the information of the shop. This gives you a breakdown of what things are, what they do, how this all works, so that you understand what’s going on inside of the shop.


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Crests in Diablo Immortal

diablo immortal crests

It’s nice that they give the opportunity to do a little bit of research, but let’s start out with crests. Remember you could purchase, or you can use cuz you’ll get them for free in the game as well. 

Rare crests or legendary crests. Rare crests are gonna give you some items, stuff, and materials for using them. When you do your elder rifts, legendary crests are going to reward you with one legendary gem per crest. When you run those elder rifts, you have a chance of getting a legendary gem with a rare crest, but it’s much less than the guarantee that you get from a legendary crest.

Now notice you can buy and we’re not gonna really focus on the rare. Most people don’t really care much about rare. It’s all about those legendary crest.

 So you can guarantee yourself a legendary gem. It’s 160 eternal orbs to buy one legendary crest or 1600 to buy 10. So what does that mean? We have to look into the currency to see how much it actually costs of real money to buy 1600 of those orbs to buy 10 crests. 

 So essentially for 10 legendary crests, it’s costing you about 25 bucks, which comes to approximately $2 and 40 or $2 and 50 cents per legendary gem that you get. 

Because remember you get those crests, you run the crest in the elder rift and you get a legendary gem. So essentially it’s two and a half bucks to get one legendary gem and run. But these are not guaranteed on what you get. It’s random on what gems you’ll get. 

You can get a one star legendary gem or a five star, legendary gem, five stars being the ones that you’re really going to want the most. So here are the eternal orbs. This is what you can buy them for. 


Reforge Stones

diablo immortal reforge stones

So you can’t buy platinum with cash. You need to buy the orbs, which you can then spend on platinum. So for 50,000 platinum, it’s 5,000 orbs and 5,000 orbs is something around $75 for 50,000 platinum. You’re starting to see how this all works out together. So honestly, straight up buying eternal orbs is not going to be the best buying in the game. May it be something you want to do? Sure. Is it the best deal? The best purchase? No, it’s not going to be. So now we know where crest stand and where the herbs, the orbs are. Now we have some materials. These are new. And I haven’t gotten to my favorite feature from the shop. Yet those are coming up very soon. So me show you stick around, but right here, the wild fire stone, you can get the details on what these are.

You have the tremor stone, the jolt stone, the vengeance stone, the barrier stone and the a ravage, your stone, all of them do different things. You could pause this video at any point in time to take a read if you like, but we’re gonna move on to bundles and bundles are great. You get a new bundle that you could claim every day for free. This is what you get a bunch of materials, some gold stuff that you’re gonna need to enhance your stuff, your equipment in the game. But as you us further into the game, which I have not yet, I’m a level 21, like I mentioned, but as you get through Dungeons, more of these deals, more bundles will become available. They are one time purchase bundles. I will share these with you once I unlock them inside of the game. We’re not there yet because we are initially at the beginning phases of the game and we haven’t gotten those deals to come through.

diablo immortal boon of plenty

Boon of Plenty

But notice there is more than the battle pass, cuz next to it, we have Bo and Boone is new Boone of plenty. You instantly receive 300 eternal LOBs, awesome bonus market trade slots, sweet, additional storage, fantastic one rare crest. You’re gonna receive that daily. And you could stack up to 90 days of rewards available purchases. So you could do three of three. I could buy this for the month for the next month and for the month after that. So essentially I could buy three of these for five bucks each for three months and I’ll get myself 300 eternal orbs, times three.